Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year! - From Hannah

To all my friends who know how to read already I wanted to wish you a Happy New Year! Needless to say I didn't make it until midnight but I did make it until almost 8:30! That's a really late night for me you know.
Tonight was a special night for me. Mommy and Daddy invited my friend Molly and her parents over for dinner. Mommy made a special eggplant parm that Daddy claims he only gets about ever 4 years and Daddy made an awesome cheesecake that he only makes when Mommy is pregnant! It was "delicious"!
"Charen" brought Daddy's favorite spinach dip and all of us ate really well. Did you know that eggplant actually tastes good? Who would have though!
Molly and I had a great time playing after dinner. It was nice to have a friend to run around with and burn off all the calories and energy from the chocolate. Molly and I gave one another lots of hugs and love to ring in the new year in style. It had been a big year for both of us. We both turned 1, learned to walk, learned to talk, and were celebrating the last year we would be only children. Both Mommies and Daddies were excited for all that the new year holds for our families and enjoyed the time to actually talk to each other since we are such big girls now and can play on our own!
By the end of the night we were exhausted. We laid on the floor and just stared at Daddy and the camera. We were overtired and I had a major meltdown. Boy is staying up late fun for Mom and Dad.When Molly left, I tried to go to sleep on the floor in the family room I was so tired. Mommy finally put me to bed. There have been fireworks going off all night here and I'm so tired even that isn't causing me to get up. Hope you guys all enjoy your midnight.... I'm enjoying my sleep. Hope Mommy and Daddy aren't crazy enough to stay up because 8am comes early!

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