Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What is life without a scare here and there?

So the last couple of days have been a little tense around the Page household. Last night I started to spot slightly. It was right before Jeff was to leave for work and I wasn't sure exactly what to do. So we both prayed about it and hoped for the best as he left for work and I put Hannah down. Things seemed to even out and throughout the evening God was good enough to bless me with being able to feel Drew move on multiple occasions.
This morning I was ecstatic that the bleeding had stopped and I was feeling good. Hannah and I went to a friends house for lunch.... and darn if it didn't start again. Luckily, this friend is a mom and pregnant herself and she was very comforting in helping me to decide to push the drs to have me come in and get checked out. (Especially since I felt a little crampy.) Jeff was close to her house and he was able to leave work and pick us up.
After a few long hours, an internal exam, and a meltdown by Hannah we were totally cleared. The midwife doesn't know what caused it and saw no signs of trauma or changes in the cervix. So once again we are free and clear..... guess that boys are just a little more dramatic than girls. Hopefully we won't have to see anyone again until New Year's Eve at our next scheduled appointment.

So to sum up we have a scare monthly:

Sept- baby wasn't big enough
Oct- Couldn't find the heartbeat
Nov- I had high blood pressure
Dec- spotting for no reason

I can barely wait to see what January holds for us!

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