Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jeff's Job Update

Jeff called home about 10 minutes ago and I had to blog quickly to ask for some prayers. His current boss told him today that the new job did in fact call today for a reference. YEAH!!!! We of course think this is a great sign! Please take a minute to pray that he would hear soon about the job. The cut off for his 30 day period to not have to start a new semester at school is tomorrow. We are hoping to hear quickly... although know it is unlikely and there is a potential that he may have to start the new semester. We are looking forward to the potential of a New Year bringing him a new job and our family new challenges as we navigate living in a small home with a toddler, a new born, and Daddy working at home..... but it is a challenge that we really would like to embrace!

Baby update: Drew is moving more and more! He is alot stronger than Hannah was at this stage. Jeff has yet to feel him since he doesn't cooperate but you can start to see my stomach moving so it's only a matter of time. 21 weeks down!

Hannah ism of the day: Before breakfast today when I asked her if she wanted to say the blessing she said "Yes, thank you Jesus and penguins" Not sure what the penguins have to do with Jesus... but in her world they are related!

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