Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm David....

As most of you know we have a dvd player in our car. Normally it's use has been reserved for long trips of over an hour during which it keeps Hannah's attention and the peace while I am driving. Recently, I have noticed (with all the small stops for Christmas) that Hannah is becoming more difficult to get into her car seat...especially after the 4th or 5th stop. With my ever expanding belly and the stress of her fighting me while other people wait for our parking spot I have given in to the fight..... she will get in if I turn on the "tb". So it is done!
I have justified it's use by letting her watch Veggie Tales.... at least it is a positive show right? Well it is official... my daughter is a Veggie Tales addict. She now knows all the words to the opening song and asks for the "mato and cumber". The only draw back of the dvd player that we have is it starts every time from the begining, and while she doesn't care it is driving me NUTS! Today though my nutty factor turned into pure laughter. Jeff and I were out shopping for some last minute gifts and the David and Golith show came on. (This is her all time favorite.) Hannah then proceeded to exclaim in a very loud and clear voice.... "My name is David... and I have lots of brothers!" We couldn't stop laughing. A complete sentence, perfect!
Guess it's time for a new dvd, huh?

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