Thursday, December 4, 2008

Think BLUE!

It's a boy!!!
Andrew "Drew" Neill Page

So it is official... Hannah is going to have a little brother. Jeff and I went to the dr today for the ultrasound and were pleased to hear that we will be having a little boy. As most of you know we were a little partial to having another girl; but, how good God is. As soon as we both heard the news it was like it was the perfect thing. Our hearts are so fickle! We can hardly wait to meet our son. Jeff is excited about buy him his first State basketball jersey and I am excited about getting to decorate a new nursery. Hannah will have to learn the word brother now since she has been saying sister ... but she already says Drew like a pro!
At the appointment after the ultrasound they said that all the measurements looked good and the move of our due date was a good decision as Drew (like Hannah) is still measuring a bit small by dates. The other good news of the day was that since they are keeping me on my blood pressure medicine (that was great today) we would get an additional ultrasound between 28-32 weeks to measure the weight of the baby. We are always excited for another oppurtunity to see what's going on inside!
Pictures to come soon!

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