Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ash Wednesday is Tomorrow

Why does it always seem that life flies by and that even the best laid plans are not done in time? Last year many of you might remember the blessing baskets and sinning stones that we did. (You can find it here if you don't. ) Well I had great plans to have it all modified and more "user friendly" if you would. I had planned on having the rocks done and pre-painted with the kids today. That way we'd have 40 rocks and we could do one each day to prepare for Easter. I figured if it was all painted at once we could do it as a morning devotional. Alas, the kids are in bed and the rocks are not painted. Lent starts tomorrow... guess I missed boat on that plan. I had also planned on having a scripture reading plan in place... again... it looks like it will be a daily choose and I don't have a formalize plan yet. BUT.... we are going to do the sinning stones and blessing baskets. Last Easter we were so blessed by this. Hannah loved it and really seemed to "get" it. So happy lent everyone. May you take this time to reflect on who Christ is and the amazing sacrifice that He made so that we might live. How are you preparing your heart for lent?

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