Monday, March 21, 2011

ER Visit

Well it was almost 2 years and it was just our first visit. I would have definately lost if we had been betting. My son is a master climber, crawler, scaler, and genuin dare devil. The fact that we made it almost 2 years without a disaster is proof in it's self that God is in total control. Man oh man! Yesterday our injury free streak ended though. And with something minor at that! After all the climbing and jumping he simply fell when running. (Well chasing Hannah but still....) Somehow when he fell he landed on his hip wrong. He never cried, never complained.... but he got up and couldn't walk. Poor little guy would try to walk and just collapse into a heap. Of course it was a Sunday so nothing was open so onto the ER we went. $300 and some xrays later we were told it probably was a deep bruise or a joint that had popped out and back in. They gave him motrin! A huge bill and very long wait and the little man was on his way. But not until he had all the nurses eating out of his hand... he really is a cutey! So we headed home and by the grace of God this morning he was running, jumping, and otherwise giving Mommy a heart attack again today!
Note to new mommies and old ones too.... motrin and popscicles can fix most things!

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