Thursday, March 10, 2011

Talking Back and Flowers

So today we finally got our first stone done. Hannah was really excited to get to do a "project." Right now everything is about "projects." I think she is going to be an arts and crafts type of kid. She loves it. Anyway, she bounds down the stairs toward the kitchen to do a Jesus Project yelling "Jesus" the entire way.... following quickly behind is my "less holy" child yelling for "Thomas" (the train). Oh well... the boy still has some learning to do!

I've had a few people ask exactly how we do our sinning stones so I thought I'd walk you through how this morning went. Honestly, it went better than I expected. Mornings aren't always the best around here.... unfortunately my children are alot like me and not morning people! We all need alot of grace especially before 10am!

I handed out juice and corralled the kids at the kitchen table. We started by discussing again what sin is. (We did this while we were painting our rocks yesterday so this is kind of a review.) Hannah says they're our "uglys" and they make God sad. I'm pretty happy with this answer so I don't really push it and move on. We read John 3:16 together and talk about what it means. She's got the first couple words memorized (from Sunday school I'm sure) and she repeats it back to me. Not too shabby kiddo and a big thumbs up to KidCity! Then I ask her what she thinks is one of her "uglys." And to my amazement she picks "talking back" she didn't even need any coxing. (Man for a kid who sometimes can't answer what her own name is first thing in the morning she is on a roll this morning. ) So we write on our stone with a paint pen "talking back."
Then we put our stone in our basket and take turns praying as a family. We thank God for sending us Jesus to take away our sins and we thank Him for opening our eyes to be able to see our sins . We ask Him to help us to try to do better because we know that we can't do it without Him. It really is a precious time and I am so excited to do this throughout Lent.

On another note... guess who got flowers today for no reason? ME! Well I guess there was a reason... it's called March Madness... and means my husband is MIA! He went to the NC State game tonight. (I know... you can pray for him... he needs it!) I know it was painful to watch especially since he had to drive to Greensboro and back. Love you sweetie, thanks for the flowers! At least you can enjoy the tournament final game and not have to wonder if your boys will win! ;)

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