Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Dalmation Plantation

Happy 4th Birthday Sweet Hannah!

My sweet baby girl is 4! It's so hard to believe. It seems like just yesterday that we were on our way home from the hospital scared out of our mind.
She was soooo tiny! Only 6lbs and her carseat just swallowed her right up.
Yet at the same time I can barely remember what life was like before kids.

Oh yeah... it looked like this... I had 14 teenage girls that kept me BUSY! Man I miss these girls!

Today we had a joint birthday party for Hannah and her best friend, Bethany. It was a dalmatian theme and the girls were adorable!

We had 6 "big kids" and 6 "little kids" but man even with just 6 families (including birthday girls) it was WILD! But what do you expect if you have 12 puppies running around.
We played outside in the gorgeous 80 degree weather! The playground in the backyard was perfect. This may be the cutest little boy puppy ever!

We had a dog bone hunt.... which was a huge hit. Hannah was a champ of this. I think some of the mom's thought she had been in training. She was amazing!
Here are some of the girls hanging out. We also ate lunch out of dog bowls, had bone shaped cakes, and painted puppy picture frames. Hopefully more pictures will be coming soon. I did a terrible job of taking pictures. (And my photographer is in China! Love you Laura... we sure did miss you today!) I am one tired puppy myself... but I'm pretty sure everyone had a great time!
And with a face like this thanking you.... it's worth it! If only she would stay this size forever!

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