Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day late... but who's counting!

So today is the start to the Lenten season. It's been a rough day at our house everyone has been super cranky, and I admit I might have been the worst. This picture pretty much sums up the day! And how everyone was feeling!

When the day started I was very cranky.... didn't these little people understand that we are supposed to be getting ready for the coming of Jesus? Why was everyone out of sorts? We are supposed to be getting "holy" and doing our sinning stones. We have a plan people! (Um insert finger pointing at myself as I realize that I am the first one missing the point!)

But as usual God humbled me through my 4 year old because in fact she realized her need, no our need, for Jesus even more than I did. Hannah said today, in between 3 year old mood swings, "Mommy maybe we should pray and ask Jesus to change my attitude." WHAT! Well praise God I must be doing something right. More proof of my need for my own attitude adjustment and Jesus.
So despite the fact that we didn't get to actually do a sinning stone today we did manage to get them painted.... and for this mom... on a sad dreary day that's as much as I could ask for.

Here they are starting the painting process... notice how clean they are.

This is serious business for Hannah!

Little sweatshop ... we needed 4o stones. Paint faster little ones!

When finished painting rocks... remember you still need to un-paint your little ones.

On another note I've decided for lent instead of giving something up personally to try to blog more regularly. (I dare not say daily because my perfectionism will cause me to go nuts if I miss a day.) So hopefully you will be hearing more from me soon. Especially since one little girl has a birthday a week from tomorrow! My baby girl is going to be 4! Be on the look out for a post about our very own dalmatian plantation in the future!

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