Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Photos

Here are a couple more of the birthday party! I love this picture of the girls! They could play together ALL the time! Her mommy and I kind of like each other too! ;) I keep hoping that maybe I can get Drew to marry one of the Hawthorne girls! (If things with Bethany don't work out her sister is 6 months old... so maybe Drew can go for a younger girl!)
Here is Daddy! Very excited about some dalmatian cupcakes....
Don't they look yummy!
Here are the dog bone cakes.... each girl had their own. BIG HIT! A disaster to make!
And finally a little bit of the table decorations. The party hats each child made themselves and of course we had to have blowers. But the highlight of the meal.... eating out of the dog bowls that were filled with puppy chow. What more could a 4 year old want?!

Happy Birthday Hannah and Bethany!

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